Magnificent Red & White Wine

After one sip of our delicious, red, and white wine, you'll begin to understand and experience the quality only Meranda-Nixon Winery in Ripley, Ohio, is capable of producing. Below is a comprehensive list of wines and our detailed descriptions of each. Take advantage of our 10% discount when you purchase by the case.


2018 Estate Reserve Chardonnay – Aged in oak barrels this wine starts with a buttery flavor followed with a toasty oak flavor with a hint of lemongrass and butterscotch followed with a pleasant citrus finish.  Bottle Cost - $21.99/ 10% Case Discount - $215.89

2017 Trotter White Wine - "Summer in a bottle"  This vintage brings summer sweetness with pineapple, citrus flavors with a smooth finish.  Bottle Cost - $11.99 / 10% Case Discount - $129.49.

2017 Catawba Estate Wine – A wonderful blush wine balanced with raspberry and strawberry flavors.  Bottle Cost - $9.99 / 10% Case Discount – $107.90

2018 Estate Sparkling Catawba – A new product for Meranda-Nixon Winery.  We took our Catawba grape and followed Longworth’s history of making it into Sparkling.  This simple sparkling has the sweet flavor of our Catawba with a dry finish.  Pick up a bottle for any occasion. Bottle Cost - $15.99 / 10% Case Discount - $172.70 


Red Oak Creek - This wine is a blend of Traminette and Norton grapes and is aged in stainless steel. This semisweet wine has pleasing berry and raspberry flavors. You can enjoy this wine at room temperature or chilled. Bottle Cost – $11.99 / 10% Case Discount - $129.49.

2016 Estate Cabernet Franc - This wine has cherry flavors followed by hints of vanilla and a smooth peppery oak finish. Great with burgers! Bottle Cost - $18.99 / 10% Case Dicount

2016 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon - This ruby red wine has black cherry notes from start to finish with hints of vanilla and tobacco. Great with steaks! Bottle Cost - $24.99 / 10% Case Discount - $259.09 

2015 Estate Norton – This full bodied, deep ruby red wine has a little of tart, sweet, and bold berry flavors. It has a delicate but smooth oak finish. Our Norton is aged 12 months in 100% American Oak. Bottle Cost – $21.99 / 10% Case Discount - $237.49


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