About Meranda-Nixon Winery

Upon graduation from The Ohio State University's College of Agriculture, Seth Meranda returned to his great-grandfather's family farm and grew tobacco and grain crops prior to planting Meranda Vineyards in 2003. Seth's late wife, Tina, grew up on the Nixon family farm in Warren County, graduated from Cincinnati State, and became active in the Brown County farm in 1998.

The Meranda-Nixon Winery opened in 2007. It is located in an area of the Ohio Valley that was one of the largest grape growing regions in the country during the 1800s. Seth Meranda and his wife, Maura, own and operate the winery and vineyard. Their four children, Preston, Austin, Lizzie, and Ben, when not in school, contribute their help. In addition, extended family offers a helping hand when needed.

Exquisite Wine & Dinner

Join us on the second Saturday of the month for a delicious steak and salmon dinner accompanied with a bottle of our fine wine that will melt in your mouth. These special events are made by reservations only and last from 5:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.

More Than Wine

Kick off your visit to Ohio with a glass of our finest wine as soon as you get off the plane. When you fly into Brown County Airport, we are ready to pick you up. Take advantage of this service by appointment only by calling us at (248) 891-0935.

Contact us today and let's share our passion for great wine together as we kick off our shoes and enjoy the evening with your favorite flavor.